MHDS provides services to individuals in different settings according to their individual needs and goals within their Individual Support Plan (ISP).  Below you’ll see a brief explanation of each type of service and a link to find out more about those kinds of services.

At Home (Residential Services)

A supported person’s Individual Support plan (ISP) details the services needed to create a living environment which optimizes their independence.  These services are provided in order to allow the recipient to maintain a sense of independence, receive help with tasks or situations they themselves are unable to complete without assistance, enjoy the comfort of their own home, and improve the quality of their lives.

To learn more about the variety of services that are provided within the home environment, click here.

On the Job (Day Services)

Our Day Services Program provides a variety of options to meet individual needs and preferences. We offer the opportunity for people to modify their day services as their interests and/or needs change over time, through their Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Some of the services that are provided under the Day Services umbrella are employment in the MHDS day site, assistance in prepping for job readiness for a job outside of the MHDS workshop, facilitation of social support and leisure activities, and daily living skills training.  We can also provide transportation services to ensure that each individual can get to and from activities detailed within their Individual Support Plan.

To learn more about Day Services, click here.

Employment & Community First (ECF) Choices

Tennesseans of any age with disabilities can now apply for long-term services and supports through a TennCare program called Employment and Community First CHOICES (ECF). The program services offer support for families caring for a person with an intellectual or developmental disability with the goal of people reaching employment and independent living goals.  Community Living supports are also available to better integrate persons in their community.

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